Welcome to the archive for DJS Sims! The site has been restored to how it appeared in 2008 (yikes) after I recently discovered the files all still existed, and all content is being provided for those who still play the Sims 1, 2 or 3. Please note that no support is being given for anything, but everything should still work. Enjoy! (Wondering where jfade is now? Check out jfade.com for his latest exploits.)

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  • College Scholarships for Talent Badges

    Creator: jfade
    Date: September 1, 2008
    Ever wondered why your teens can get money for college for their jobs, grades, and skills, but not their talent badges? Apparently, despite the fact that most talent badges take longer to earn than it takes to earn 8 skill points, EA decided that it's not important enough to recognize. Well no more! This hack will allow your teens to receive an additional ยง1,250 for each silver level talent badge they have.

    While this hack is something for Uni, it requires at least Open For Business or newer.

    Notes: Foreign language strings are not overwritten with this hack, though obviously the new scholarship names will only be in English since I don't speak any other language. The rewards for the talent badges cannot be revoked due to the fact that you can't normally (that I'm aware of) lose badge points.

    Thanks to: Pescado, because I used the test to see which expansion packs are installed that he made.

    Download: djsbadgescholarships.zip (7860 Downloads)

    Requirements: The Sims 2, University

    Juicer Tweaks

    Creator: jfade
    Date: September 1, 2008
    All the debate about the recipes for juice and everything was driving me nuts, so I finally decided to end it all by looking at the game code and figuring out the REAL recipes along with some other little features for the juicer.

    Now you can simply click the juicer and choose Check Recipe For.../[Juice Name] and you will be given an accurate recipe for the juice along with what it does.

    You can also choose Check Current Stock and you will get a detailed report of all the amounts of various produce you have stored in your juicer. And last, but not least, the juicer now holds up to 300 items instead of the Maxian default of 50.

    Download: djsjuicertweaks.zip (14986 Downloads)

    Requirements: The Sims 2, Seasons

    Cat Litter Isn't Free!

    Creator: jfade
    Date: September 1, 2008
    Let's be serious, cat litter isn't free. Why Maxis charges for pet FOOD but not cat litter is beyond me. Anyhow, this hack makes it so that you now are charged 5 simoleans every time your Sims clean the litter box.

    Download: djsnofreecatlitter.zip (5089 Downloads)

    Requirements: The Sims 2, Pets

    Sleeping and Napping Enabled on Community Lots

    Creator: jfade
    Date: September 1, 2008
    Here's a hack that will help your business owning sims out. Since you can buy beds on community lots, and just about every other object that would normally be on a home lot, it would seem logical that you could use the beds, right? WRONG! But now, with this hack, you can sleep in beds and nap on sofas on community lots.

    Download: Bon Voyage (3408 Downloads)
    Download: Pets or Seasons (6340 Downloads)
    Download: Open for Business (8836 Downloads)

    Requirements: Open For Business

    Deadly Firecrackers

    Creator: jfade
    Date: September 1, 2008
    This hack makes firecrackers semi-deadly. Basically, if it blows up in your face, it has a 50% chance of causing a fire nearby.

    It'll override the normal Holiday Pack fireworks, and will appear in your catalog like normal, but with a different description.

    Download: djsdeadlyfirecrackers.zip (3985 Downloads)

    Requirements: Happy Holiday Stuff

    Auto Recycling Newspaper

    Creator: jfade
    Date: September 1, 2008
    Tired of those newspapers piling up and being notified every morning that you won't get anymore newspapers because you have too many? Is your maid too lazy to clean the newspapers up? Well fret no more! Now you can have the latest innovation from the scientists of SimCity, the Auto-Recycling newspaper! It will be delivered as normal. Shortly after the new paper is delivered, the old will conveniently disappear.

    Updated For Seasons: This is now fixed to include the new code for the weather report. The newspaper also takes into account the ability to compost. If you have a composting machine on the lot, the newspaper will automatically compost itself.

    Download: For Open for Business and Below (9326 Downloads)
    Download: For Pets (4926 Downloads)
    Download: For Seasons and Up (11703 Downloads)

    Requirements: The Sims 2